Todd and Molly Jones

This couple has combined marriage and family with a songwriting partnership that shares what's in their hearts.

Todd and Molly Jones performing an original song in St. Augustine.
Todd and Molly Jones performing their original "Windows" in St. Augustine.

    Todd and Molly Jones, a husband and wife singer/songwriting duo, first met when Molly was simply enjoying the music scene and listening to Todd. Until they had begun making music together, she had never thought of singing in public.

    They are a songwriting team who performs to share their interesting and sweet melodies paired with lyrics from their hearts. Now, with a growing family, Todd will often sing their songs as a solo act, while Molly will join him when it is possible. They say that their songs are in a genre they call "Lyrical Americana." Their harmonies blend like, well, a good marriage, and Todd is an excellent guitarist, but their lyrics are truly the star of each song.

    Said Todd, "When I write a song, I try to come from a personal place. ... we put a lot of importance on the lyrics and what we are trying to say. If I come to the table with a half-completed song idea, Molly has a way of completing my thoughts and adding that perfect chorus or tag line. If she has the lyrics for a song, we will work together on the melodies, chord progressions, and harmonies until we are both happy with the outcome."