Watson and Taylor

Listening to Watson and Taylor’s sweet harmonies simply soothes the soul.

"Time after Time" & "Let it Go" Mash-up
"Summertime Medley"

    This well-practiced duo lets their vocals flow over the listener like a quiet brook; balanced with clear, gentle guitar riffs, they bring a quiet softness to the room with their covers and originals. And they also will have audiences swaying and clapping with upbeat originals and covers. 

    Professionally trained, and having performed internationally, they are attuned to their audience wherever they play, and are a welcome sound to St. Augustine.  Watson and Taylor incorporate classic songs into their own voice, to present a delightful show for music listeners.

    Frequently Played Venue(s)

    The Tides Oyster Co. & Grill Panama Hattie's

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Americana Acoustic guitar Vocals

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