West King String Band

Bluegrass, New Grass, Grassy Folk Music ... whatever you call it, West King String Band plays their own songs with current themes, while paying homage to the past.

The West King String Band performing the traditional, "Red Haired Boy."
West King String Band performing their original song, "Vitamins, Beer, and Cadillac."
West King String Band performing their song, "Half Past Dead."
West King String Band performing their song, "Shaky Hand Blues."

    The appropriately named West King String Band was formed in St. Augustine by musicians who have strong roots and many friends in the Ancient City.  Now from Nashville, they spend more weeks touring all over the U.S. than they spend here in St. Augustine. That's why it's a treat when they return for a festival or a gig at a local bar.

    The four members — Jack Studer on guitar, Jesse Harman on bass, Andrew Fox on mandolin, and  Spooky Fiddler on fiddle —  mostly play original songs with themes familiar to the old time bluegrass, such as love, food, loss, drinking, jobs, cars, and fishing. With their rhythms on the off-beat, their harmonies strong, and their instrumentation flawless, they write about life, putting their sometimes-irreverent lyrics together with their new bluegrass melodies.


    The videos used here were produced by the following sources: 

    • "Red Haired Boy" — Sugarshack Session
    • "Vitamins, Beer, & Cadillac" — From Cafe 11 by Coastal Creations Video
    • "Half Past Dead" — At Blue Plate Special by WDVX Radio
    • "Shaky Hands Blues" — Great Northern Bar at Whitefish, Montana


    Frequently Played Venue(s)

    Stogies Cigar Bar

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