The Ying Yang Twins lean on a large purple skateboard ramp. Kaine is on the left and D-Roc is on the right as they both pose

Ying Yang Twins

A well-known hip hop duo popular with adult audiences

Though they’re not actually twins, Eric Jackson (‘Kaine’) and D’Angelo Holmes (‘D-Roc’) have been performing as the Ying Yang Twins for over twenty years. Their original songs and features are hip hop classics — though they are not for the faint of heart (or young of mind), as they often focus on the early 2000’s party lifestyle.

The Ying Yang Twins have released seven studio albums since 2000, including Me & My Brother (2003), which was certified platinum in 2005. Kaine and D-Roc also starred in the 2004 film Soul Plane alongside such icons as Method Man and Snoop Dogg. To say that this hip hop duo is iconic is an understatement.

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