Headshot of British singer-songwriter, actress Yola.


Yola’s soaring sound is an attention grabber from the onset, deserving the listener's deeper dive.

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Today, 6:05 pm Francis Field

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Today, 6:05 pm Francis Field
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Yola, the British songwriting, performing, acting, and creativity phenomenon, says more than is apparent at first glance. Yola performs country that isn’t country; listening to “Ride Out In The Country” has one interpretation of this falling-out-of-love song, but watch the video of the same song, and find a wryly mortal twist.

With her genre-bending pop, soul, country, and rock interpretations, she finds her own musical grooves that make Yola’s horizon bright. Yola says, “I’m like a funky little, littlest hobo,” referring to her propensity to snag morsels of various genres, weaving them all together to form her own translation.

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