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  • St. Augustine Weddings and Special Events opened in 1998 and has over 20 years experience. They have been in the wedding industry in St. Augustine for all 20 of those years and are very knowledgeable of the area. Catering exclusively to the city of Saint Augustine it is their mission to assist in all aspects of your wedding that you see fit. St. Augustine Weddings can assist in conceptualizing themes, and secure a venue, a florist, musicians, caterers and anyone else. They are very professional and skilled in the wedding industry in St. Augustine. They accept a maximum of 20 events per calendar year so as to allow the time necessary to produce a personal and unique event. St. Augustine Weddings and Events personal service is dedicated to serve any busy schedule the bride and groom may have. From every minor detail, such as the gift bags the guests take home, to designing your personalized invitations, to skillfully managing the flow of the wedding's events so you can focus on the moment and being with your guests, is covered by St. Augustine Weddings. They encompass every aspect of your wedding from start to finish and help get you through the stressful points. They offer many different packages and can even hold after hours appointments if needed. St. Augustine Weddings and Special Events is an all inclusive, one-stop shop for wedding and event planning. Enjoy your beautiful Saint Augustine wedding with St. Augustine Weddings and Special Events. Call to make an appointment.

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