Art Exhibition at Galeria del Mar

  • Please Note: This event is from 2013.

    The talented Andre Desjardins exhibits over 40 original paintings and 15 bronze creations at the Galeria Del Mar.

    The Exhibit:

    Desjardins creates real emotion with his ethereal canvases and statues, evoking the raw feelings of life and love. Over 40 canvases and 15 bronze statues depict the emotions of life and the curves of the human figure. His canvases create a real and abstract interpretation of humanity through his usage of random color pigments and graphite powder.

    The Artist:

    Desjardins is committed to translating human emotions through his timeless images of people. His artwork depicts his subjects lives and transcends across time and space. Desjardins fascinating art comes to the nations oldest city as does the artist himself! Desjardins is highly regarded throughout North America for his work and dedication to his craft.

    The Venue:

    Cutter and Cutter Fine Art are proud to announce that the Galeria Del Mar, located in historic downtown by the Plaza de La Constitucion will host this exhibition. There will be several works officially unveiled to the world during the weekends event. Andre Desjardins will be in the gallery Friday, April 19 and Saturday, April 20. A collectors only party will occur on Friday, April 19th (RSVP is required/904-829-2120)

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