Aaron Esposito

Aaron Esposito is St. Augustine’s one-man steam train, bound for Funkytown and the rivers beyond, combining soul, pop, rhythm and blues, smooth soul, rock and roll, and Southern soul.

"Twist in Fate" by Aaron Esposito
"Billy Jean"

    Originally from upstate New York, and by way of Virginia, St. Augustine’s Aaron Esposito has carved out his very own musical path that can only be attributed to his self-determination, musical exploration, and good old-fashioned hard work. An autodidactic musician by nature, Aaron claimed his space at the musical table at a young age, playing the piano by ear as early as age 5 and the guitar around age 12. Soon after he was experimenting with a high school and college music ensembles, influenced by Dave Matthews Band, Phil Collins, Genesis, Peter Gabriel, Queen, and countless more musical legends. Audiences can hear hints of these musical influences in Aaron’s musical precision, vocal execution, and overall stage presence. Blending every genre from soul, funk, blues, pop, rhythm and blues, southern soul, rock and roll, Aaron is one to catch the ear easily. 

    His live performances consist of “looping” his sounds, which is a live recording technique Aaron uses to create a full-band sound in his one-man shows. Audiences can both see and hear a song build, from guitar to bass to drum machines and percussion, witnessing the individual brushstrokes that create the masterpiece. Upon moving to Florida with a civil engineering degree, Aaron got his first regular gig in St. Augustine from local Mill Top Tavern legend Don Donaway. He became a full-time musician, playing five to six times a week, and earning himself a spot on-stage with Matisyahu in New York. “Everything good that’s happened to us in Florida has been attributed to music.” 

    Aaron’s first album, "Cartune Factory", is a children’s album written and performed with his brother, Adam. Aaron also released his solo album, "How Small" We Are, in 2018, recorded and produced by mastermind Lucio Rubino

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