Ancient City Keepers

St. Augustine’s Ancient City Keepers is a trio of tasteful funk, rhythm and blues, soul, pop, and good old-fashioned rock and roll. Electrifying and honest, the ensemble ranges from a dance band to a master of ballads.

"I'm Missing You" Cover "Rolling Stones"
"Watching the Wheels" Cover (John Lennon)

    Ask any local about Ancient City Keepers and the response will be the same: this ensemble will make you laugh and cry. The trio has an uncanny ability to bring crowds  in St. Augustine, Florida to dance out their demons while at the same time connecting you with their vulnerability. In short, diversity is the name of the game. Using funk, rhythm and blues, soul, pop, Americana, folk, and rock and roll, The Ancient City Keepers are all over the map, seemingly circling the states thrice around in one evening of music. This trio is an experience. It’s difficult to listen to this band and not crack open a beer or carve a path straight to the dancefloor. 

    Led by front man and Flagler College Education professor, Donny Brazile, The Ancient City Keepers are a band that screams St. Augustine. Donny has a way with words, and therefore a way with the crowd as well. His energy is contagious, whether he’s gearing up to play a quick-tempo funk song or bringing the room to a rest with a heartfelt ballad. The Ancient City Keepers are a deep breath and tucking in before bed and at the same time they are the sway of your hips and the tapping of your toes. Each of its members has a musical resume with over thirty years of performance experience, making The Ancient City Keepers a powerhouse of sound complete with a funky vibe and dynamic range.

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