Bedsweater is one of St. Augustine’s newest ensembles, delivering to audiences a symphony of electric and ethereal tones while sprinkling in some punk rock for good measure. Bedsweater is also one of the few all-female ensembles in St. Augustine.


    If audiences set out on a quest looking for a sound they’ve never heard before, they would be delighted to stumble across St. Augustine’s Bedsweater, an all-female trio that is turning heads and hearts throughout the ancient city. With their mix of ethereal and electric-driven sound, Bedsweater takes to the stage with a punk-rock attitude, blooming into an ensemble that can tug at the heart strings while at the same time exuding a level of confidence and comfortability that seems to come naturally to each member of the group. Formed by front woman Teresa Rose, Bedsweater is a conglomeration of several diverse genres, including punk, pop, folk, alternative, outlaw country, and rock and roll. As the mastermind behind this female folk punk trio, Teresa writes the majority of the songs, and the band has recently released their split EP with local musician Noah Eagle entitled Break a Leg.
    Bedsweater’s songs typically focus on the human condition, the “do-it-yourself” mindset, as well as love songs, but without the cheesy sentiment that typically accompanies the pop genre. Each member sings along, backing Teresa’s poetic, punk rock vibe. Their lyrics are to the point, their instrumentation is precise and well thought out, and their vocal performances can be both rough as gravel and smooth as sand. No two songs sound the same, which makes this ensemble difficult to define, and that’s the way they like it. Constantly changing and growing, this band is one to keep an eye on. Their ever-growing musical talent makes them a prime trio to morph into several different styles, bringing to light their undeniable diversity and originality.

    Frequently Played Venue(s)

    Nobby's Sarbez!