Bill Sabo

Bill Sabo is a member of The St. Augustine Music Hall of Fame, and his body of work is full of acoustic wonder, old fashioned snake oil remedies, and down home folk.

Originally from New Jersey, Bill Sabo is a St. Augustine native who has been a self-branded acoustic musician for over 30 years now. From rock and roll, to folk and Americana, Bill blends his own self into his songs, becoming part of each one in a very emotional way. A former teacher at The Florida School for the Deaf and Blind for over 20 years, Bill Sabo not only lays out his heartstrings before audiences in performances, but also gives back to his community in unmatched dedication and love. He is one of the founding members of The C.R.S. (Carpenter, Roth, Sabo) Band and director of The Florida School for the Deaf and Blind's Outta Sight Band. He is also a recent St. Augustine Music Hall of Fame inductee for his vastly popular and longest running St. Augustine ensemble Rotagilla, now known as Rotageezer.

An ever-improving presence on and off stage, Bill Sabo's sound like a river breaking across the rocks with a feeling of both an early morning voyage and an evening around the fire. He is wholesome, well-crafted, and extremely moving to listen to. An acoustic alchemist, Bill weaves sounds of jazz, blues, rock and roll, folk, Americana, and gypsy folk into a blanket of perfect patchwork that leaves audiences spellbound. A heavy influence on the younger generations of St. Augustine musicians, Bill Sabo is certainly a mentor, master musician, and musical father to many he's taught with both heart and determination.

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