Derek Trull and Easystreet

Fusing together country, blues, jazz, rock, soul, and rhythm and blues, Derek Trull & EasyStreet is a three-piece ensemble that brings over four decades of combined expertise to the music scene in St. Augustine.

"For What It's Worth" Cover
"Nothing Takes the Place of You" Cover

    St. Augustine, Florida’s Derek Trull & EasyStreet combine groove, soul, rock, blues, country, jazz, and rhythm and blues to form a funk-driven trio that tour regionally throughout northeast Florida. From low-key dinner performances and cocktail hours to late-night party hours and midnight madness performances, the trio fits like a glove into any musical setting.  With over four decades of combined stage performance experience and musical studies, EasyStreet has quickly risen to the top of the stack.  Performing on stages from Jacksonville to New Smyrna, the band thrives on its ability to acclimate to venues, audiences, and settings, naturally accommodating crowds and tailor-fitting each live performance.  Their setlist includes musical artists from Chris Stapleton and Buffalo Springfield to James Brown and Fleetwood Mac.

     Electric bassist and lead vocalist Derek Trull, belting out a vivacious and bluesy voice, harbors vocal hints of Jimi Hendrix and Gregg Allman.  Backed by drummer Reginald Upshur, the trio’s groove machine, the ensemble further expands their territory and musical diversity.  Electric guitarist and secondary vocalist John Long, providing a rhythmic and melodic addition to the trio, brings a fiery call-and-response vocal pattern as well as a hard-hitting electric vibe.  Derek Trull states confidently that the trio always and without fail “plays something for everyone”.

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