Don Cooper

Playing music since the 50s, Don Cooper is a gifted songwriter and singer with a powerful voice.

"Spooky Stew"
Tibetian Singing Bowl

    Don Cooper is a folk-style musician from Connecticut whose musical journey started when he learned to play the ukulele in elementary school. As he grew up he became attracted to country music, and in high school he played in various country-like bands. Cooper’s most impacting moment was when he first heard Bob Dylan’s 1963 album where he established himself as a songwriter and artist, and Cooper started incorporating Bob Dylan’s sound into his own music. By the end of the 60s three different labels had found interest in his music and he signed with Roulette Records, a mostly jazz and pop/rock label. Through Roulette Records he was able to establish himself as a talented songwriter and a powerful singer. After a few albums, Don Cooper and Roulette Records went their separate ways and he moved towards writing children’s songs. In 2005, Europe’s Delay Records released a 15-song CD of Cooper’s music. Today, Don Cooper shares his talent by playing live music around St. Augustine.

    Frequently Played Venue(s)

    Mill Top Tavern

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