Dust Fuss

St. Augustine’s Dust Fuss is a western dust trio that combines alternative folk, country western music, and indie rock to form a fierce lyrically driven sound.

St. Augustine, Florida's Dust Fuss is a trio of unexplainable phenomena, working outside the boundaries of musical norms and pushing the envelope of their live performance capabilities to the max. The name Dust Fuss was born from a conversation about band names, when the trio was attempting to define their overall sound and the word "dusty" was mentioned along with "western" and "desert." Thus, the name Dust Fuss, a clever take on an articulation of the band's overall vibe and sound. Led by front woman and performance powerhouse Taylor Olin, the band plays mostly Taylor's original songs that she's been performing as a solo artist. Taylor also performs as an original hip hop artist in St. Augustine, mixing old-school rap with new age hype. Her debut hip hop album, I'm Back, was released in the summer of 2018.
Taylor is certainly the mastermind behind the trio, bringing a modern outlook to a classic western sound, combining different ages and era in music. The trio also consists of drummer Jerry Delk and bassist Zach Eng, both of whom perform in the local indie rock band Reels. Taylor's experience in both art and theater make her an unmissable performer, and she has quickly gained a reputation for an energetic and lively stage presence. The band strives to blend influences they each bring to the table, forming layers upon layers of musical majesty. Taylor seeks to break the mold of an artist's typical path of progression, challenging herself to push past her own limitations into different genres, expressions of art, and musical influences. Dust Fuss is certainly worth seeking out to hear a sound that is individualistic to this particular ensemble, a band that is heavily influenced not only by vast musical experimentation, but culture, society, and the daily grind.