Dustin Monk and the Hustle

Dustin Monk performing "Lay Me Flat."
Dustin Monk and the Hustle perfroming an original song, "Different Man."

    Originally from Georgia, Dustin Monk moved to Jacksonville when he was 19 and joined a pop/punk band. Later, he began performing as a solo singer/songwriter, describing his style as having "country/blues, hip-hop, and rock and roll influences."

    Recently, Dustin and three other excellent musicians and vocalists have formed Dustin Monk and the Hustle, a band that has been active in Jacksonville and St. Augustine. In addition to Dustin on rhythm guitar and vocals, the band includes Mike Ireland on lead guitar, Wayne Cannon on bass, and Heather Wakefield on keyboards and vocals.

    They perform original and cover songs with a refreshing blend of blues, rock, southern rock, and funk.

    Frequently Played Venue(s)

    Prohibition Kitchen

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