Elizabeth Roth

A high energy performer in high demand, St. Augustine’s Elizabeth Roth moves like Janis Joplin and sounds like Aretha Franklin playing everything from classic rock and contemporary country to her own original songs.


    St. Augustine, Florida’s Elizabeth Roth is a ferocious jukebox of massive sound, highly fluent in the language of music and the art of performance. Performing an array of classical music, blues, early to present folk, and contemporary country, Elizabeth delivers each song with these underlying tones to create a sound that demands attention. Audiences are comforted by lifelong favorites, contemporary hits, and her own original material which is award-winning and impeccably delivered. 
    Self-taught on the guitar until age thirteen, Elizabeth engrossed herself in the study of music, earning a Bachelor of Arts in music from Stetson University, a prestigious arts school in Deland, Florida. She won Solo Album of the Year and Best Local Album of the Year in 2003 from Folio Weekly for her solo record Like the David. Elizabeth is the frontwoman for the local legendary band The Grapes of Roth and has been the bassist and lead for C.R.S. (Carpenter, Roth, Sabo) for over a decade now. Elizabeth serves as a musical faculty member for The Florida Deaf and Blind school and was the adjunct classical guitar instructor for St. Augustine High School for many years.

    Upcoming Shows

    Venue Event Date Time
    Pierre's Pub Sun, Jul. 10th 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm
    Pierre's Pub Sun, Jul. 24th 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm

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