St. Augustine, Florida’s Flo.wav is high-energy, alternative hip-hop, and electronica-based. This local duo is bringing forth a new, youthful perspective on sound as well as extreme experimentation.


    Flo.wav is St. Augustine, Florida’s bright new star. This duo, both in their early twenties, is comprised of long-time friends Conor Bertha and Dylan Parra. These two gentlemen have brought a completely new, youthful outlook on music and sound engineering as a whole. Their experimental nature seeps through in both their studio production as well as their live performances. Using everything from which to record a sound, from pennies and glass bottles to plastic bags and even light-switches, this dynamic duo doesn’t hold back when it comes to trying new ways of completing their masterpieces. They are quickly gaining notoriety for their unconventional approach to recording, as well as a reputation for being one of the most productive, compelling, and influential local acts to experience in a live setting.

    Flo.wav’s 2017 debut record, Mixtures, echoes a new voice in the generation of music, releasing a tsunami of inspiration throughout St. Augustine. Longtime friends Conor Bertha and Dylan Parra may be young but are well on their way to becoming nationally and internationally known for their genre-bending execution, blending everything from alternative, hip-hop, experimental, electronica, and rhythm and blues. This duo also founded the Flo.Wav Music & Arts Festival, an annual one-day music festival with three stages and over 40 musical acts that takes place in early August. The festival is based around three main genres – hip-hop, alternative hip-hop, and electronica. It’s a massive conglomeration of musical ensembles from all over the state of Florida, each with an original approach to musical artistic expression and each with a magnetic passion to create and inspire.

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