Gentlemen's Crow

This local St. Augustine Band perform their original indie and alternative rock music.

Gentlement's Crows performing their original song, "Was That You with the Ice Cream?" in St. Augustine.

    Sometimes creativity is a result of boredom — the kind of boredom that happens when one spends the winter in a beach town well north of St. Augustine.

    Like that year when singer/songwriter Cameron Moratis spent a winter in Ocean City Maryland. There, he took the time to write songs influenced by the diverse indie and alternative rock bands he enjoys. (Think the hard rock/progressive sound of the Arctic Monkeys and the dreamy, melodic indie sound of The Smiths.)

    Back in St. Augustine, Cam and friends formed a band, Gentlemen's Crow, specifically to record and play their original indie rock music. With Cam on vocals and rhythm guitar, Alex Sandlin on lead guitar, Mike Eyer on bass, and Mark Rutski on drums, Gentlemen's Crows has developed a following in northeast Florida. They are releasing their first two-song EP, with a full-length album in the works.

    As we listen to two of their original songs — "Was That You with the Ice Cream" and "All There Is," — it's apparent that the winter in the north was worth it.

    In the summer of 2022, Gentlemen's Crow hit the road on an East coast tour to blow up their debut album, "Apparitions"  and show what rock music can be. Showcasing the variables of the rock music genre, "Apparitions" covers it all with indie-infused vocals, psychedelic beats, alternative guitars, and post punk influence.

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    Sarbez! Nobby's

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