Ghost Tropic

Ghost Tropic is St. Augustine’s all original avant-garde indie alternative folk/rock band, with an impressive body of work that is raw both in emotional foundation and they way it experiments with sound.

Performance at Holiday Cheer Fest

    St. Augustine, Florida’s Ghost Tropic is a five-piece indie rock ensemble that incorporates transcendent melody, ambient rock, and alternative experimentation with a dash of drone to create a sound style that is unlikely to be replicated. With a style specific and distinct to them, Ghost Tropic forms patterns of design only they hold the blueprints to, characteristically defining themselves with a musical foundation that is one-of-a-kind. Hitting all ends of the musical spectrum, Ghost Tropic can calm the seas of self and in the next refrain shake the bones of the soul like a merciless earthquake. Their lyrics are driven by the mind’s eye and the strings of the heart, building a paradigm of everything from dreamy love songs to hard-hitting matters of the moment.

    Beginning in front woman and lead vocalist Jae Bass’ living room, Ghost Tropic grew from a duo to a full-scale quintet, rapidly gaining momentum from the overwhelming support of the local music scene as a genuine act and well-executed ensemble. Jae Bass released her first five song EP, Ghost Tropic (2015), as a solo project, performing both of her primary instruments, banjo and guitar. Her first full-length solo album, Fire, was released in July of 2018. Jae writes for the band and draws inspiration from acts like The Velvet Underground, Jason Molina, Yo La Tengo, and Sharon von Etten. The band also consist of Andy Calvert (Wobbly Toms) on bass, Jeremy Rogers (Wobbly Toms) on drums, Christiana Patterson on violin, and the group’s newest member, Cole Helman (Minimum Rage, Kenny & the Jets). Together these longtime friends and musical colleagues reshape the original music scene here in St. Augustine, leaving a trail of thought-provoking lyrics, masterful melody, and a path for the musically thirsty to follow.

    Frequently Played Venue(s)

    Sarbez! Nobby's

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