Half My Home

Led by a local singer/songwriter, Half My Home performs the raw, direct, and honest songs written by Steve Easter.

Half My Home is the current musical endeavor of singer/songwriter Steve Easter, a local St. Augustine musician, mostly in the rock and punk rock genre. Half My home allows Steve to present his original songs to his growing fan base.

Steve plays guitars and sings, and his lyrics are raw and wise, "Don't let yourself get locked in a cage, 'cause you know well it could end up only in rage. You have to slowly let it out..." ("Let it Out" by Steve Easter.)

Like many local bands, the rest of the members are fluid, depending on who is available at any given moment. Those who have played drums with Half My Home include Rob, Kensley, and Cory. Those who have played bass include Ryan, Rob, Jeremy, Richard, and Nick. The locals who follow rock and punk and local songwriters know that these musicians, like Steve Easter, all excel musically.

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