I Like Dandelions

From experimental modern dancer, choreographer, and educator in Philadelphia to singer/songwriter in St. Augustine.

"5 7 5"

    Germaine Veronica is a crossover artist from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania who started her career as an experimental modern dancer, choreographer, and educator. She has written, choreographed, narrated, performed, and produced an annual original play, Winter Prelude, which was performed in Philadelphia. Currently, Veronica has plans to record original songs from Winter Prelude in St. Augustine. Her new musical path has given Veronica the chance to write over 30 songs on the banjo, ukulele, djembe, spoons, and acappella. Veronica is also part of a duo and her solo act as I Like Dandelions is lively and intimate. I Like Dandelions has performed at various festivals since 2015, including the Anastasia Music Festival in 2017 at the St. Augustine Amphitheatre, Deland Music Festival, Sing Out Loud, Celebrate 450, and Music in the Box at Limelight Theatre, where she combined music, theater, spoken word, and dance improvisation.

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