Joe Downing

Joe Downing’s Tropical Americana style rocks St. Augustine.

"Turtle Grass" by Joe Downing
"They Ain't Got Nothin' On You" Written by Mike Kuhl & Joe Downing
"Right Before Our Eyes" Written By Joe Downing
"St. Augustine" by Joe Downing

    When Joe Downing hits town, even the palm trees sway to the music.

    With roots in Ohio and Nashville and a soul that feels at home on the sea and on the beach, singer/songwriter Joe Downing is welcome to audiences from Key West to Chicago to San Diego.

    A musician who values all genres, particularly country, rock 'n' roll, the blues, and the music of the islands — Joe's music is best described as "Tropical Americana" — and never fails to get the audience moving. 

    Joe stops by St. Augustine on his coast-to-coast tours, staying a couple of weeks and performing in a number of locations in St. Augustine and Ponte Vedra Beach.

    "Whether I'm playing for one person or thousands, I always try to give it my all, so that when the audience walks away they say: 'That Joe Downing guy ... I'm going to remember him.'"

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