The five-person group, John Dickie and the Collapsible B, standing on Magnolia St. in St. Augustine, holding their instruments or drum sticks

John Dickie IV and Collapsible B

John Dickie and Collapsible B perform John's originals and some select covers.

John Dickie IV may be heard solo, as a duo, or with four pals, in a band he has named the Collapsible B. This finely tuned group plays a lot of John's original music and a few well-chosen covers

John sings, plays rhythm guitar, and has written most of the songs. The Collapsible B is composed of Dennis Miele on lead guitar, Derek Baine on drums, Alex Richman on keyboard and vocals, and Michael Crowe on bass guitar and vocals.

John Dickie is one of the local musicians who regularly performs his own songs, and many of those songs have become familiar favorites for those who attend his performances. Those who enjoy local music in St. Augustine recognize and follow the Collapsible B's musicians -- many of the band members play in one or two other groups. They are all excellent musicians and clearly enjoy sharing their music.

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