Lis & Lon Williamson

The Williamsons have been sweethearts for over 40 years, which makes their musical partnership one of the longest in St. Augustine. A mix of old-time tunes, jazz, and swing with flawless harmonies developed over decades of love for music and each other, t

The Williamsons, Lon and Lis Williamson, musical partners and sweethearts for over 40 years in St. Augustine, FL, blend their eloquent harmonies, accomplished musicianship, and award-winning songwriting into a duet that one is not likely to soon forget. Lis and Lon both play various instruments in this ensemble. Everything from upright bass, to guitar, tenor guitar and banjo. With their award-winning originals, old-time, jazz, swing, and bluegrass tunes, tThe Williamsons have become living legends here in St. Augustine.
The Williamsons have been a large part of the St. Augustine music scene over the years, growing up within it, owning a venue themselves called the Zanzibar which ran live music shows for decades, and mentoring recording sessions for local St. Augustine artists at their one-of-a-kind music studio, Gatorbone Studios. Lon and Lis are also members of tThe Driftwoods out of St. Augustine, as well as tThe Gatorbone Band with Gabe Valla and Jason Thomas, tThe Gatorbone Trio with Gabe Valla and tThe Starlight Trio with Rick Kuncicky.

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