Luke Otto

New to the St. Augustine Music scene, Luke Otto is making a name for himself with his genre-bending songs.

Luke Otto with his "Hurricane Anthem."
Luke Otto performing "Believe," by Dustin Bushnell and Jared Watson.

    Luke grew up surrounded by music. His dad always had music playing, introducing Luke to pop, rock, country, and more. When he was 8, his mom encouraged him to take up the drums and he started learning the guitar at 12.

    Now, he plays both piano and guitar, sings, loops with his guitar, and is working on learning both the violin and saxophone.

    Luke has said that he is on a musical journey, taking various genres and bending them to suit his voice — and moving toward creating music that he envisions to be a blend of soul, hip-hop, funk, blues, and reggae, something he has called psychedelic funk pop.

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