Micah Gilliam

Universally talented, St. Augustine’s Micah Gilliam is a savagely unbridled songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, music producer, audio engineer, stand-up comedian, and podcast host.

Mrs. Beethoven
Micah Gilliam plays Bouree in G Major by J.S. Bach

    Micah Gilliam is most likely the lovechild of David Bowie and Gillian Welch, raised by his Uncle Tom Petty with weekly visits to see his cousin Chris Thile. Micah is a multi-instrumentalist, audio engineer, music producer, recording artist, singer-songwriter, stand-up comedian, podcast host, and overall a highly intellectual philosoper. His sound is so vastly influenced it’s hard to pinpoint where exactly Micah falls in terms of genre. New wave, rock, classical, glam rock, folk, americana, funk, country, blues, rockabilly, bluegrass, electronica – the list of Micah’s capabilities truly are endless. He seems to play everything except polka. 

    Micah is one half of the husband and wife duo The WillowWacks and was featured on St. Augustine’s singer-songwriter collaboration album, Local Honey along with his wife, Lauren Gilliam. His early training in classical music gave Micah a strong foundation in which to build the pillars of his dream sound, which he’s achieved with his brainchild rock band, The Young Step. As founder and owner of Boombox Recording Studio here in St. Augustine, Micah not only has years of engineering and studio experience in his pocket, but also decades of performance history in national touring bands, sharing the stage with everyone from Shawn Colvin to Dan Tyminski. For Micah, every thought is an adventure, and every song is an anthem.

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    Prohibition Kitchen Wed, Jul. 6th 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm
    Prohibition Kitchen Mon, Aug. 1st 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm

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