Mike & The Nerve

Mike & The Nerve

Cathartic indie-punk rock with high-energy grit.

Mike & The Nerve, an indie-punk rock band from Gainesville, infuses a fearless energy and unfiltered edge into their shows. With introspective lyrics, catchy refrains, crashing drums, and ringing guitar licks, the band creates deeply relatable and anthemic compositions.

The four-member group comprises Mike Llerena as frontman, Will Diaz on guitar and backing vocals, Nathaniel Fuller on bass and backing vocals, and Scott Marshall on drums. 

Llerena's vocals, with a lively and emotionally resonant tone, balance out the band's aggressive pace. With the hallmark tempo of punk rock, Mike & The Nerve creates a rising tension that is impossible to ignore. The band's driving momentum and DIY ethos inspires crowds of eager listeners in search of a cathartic escape.

Editor's Note: We encourage you to verify event times and details with the organizers, as they may change.