Mike Johnson & Little Big Band

A small-scale ensemble with a massive sound, St. Augustine’s Mike Johnson & The Little Big Band perform fusions of alternative country, blues rock, southern rock, contemporary country, and rock and roll.

"Somewhere With You" Cover
"Soul Shine"

    Mike Johnson & The Little Big Band consistently seem to leave a big wake in the waters of the music scene around St. Augustine, Florida. A hefty dose of southern rock, blues rock, alternative country, contemporary country, and rock and roll, this three-piece ensemble packs a heavy punch that draws an expansive audience demographic across the board. With a genuine southern upbringing, the trio is influenced heavily by prominent rock bands of the south including Lynyrd Skynyrd, Molly Hatchet, and The Marshall Tucker band. The trio has a vast spectrum of cover songs, playing everything from The Allman Brothers to the more contemporary Kenny Chesney. Needless to say, these boys have a firm grasp on their musical roots and bring a sense of reverence to the genres by which they’ve been so heavily influenced.

    Lead vocalist and acoustic guitarist Mike Johnson carries the trio with his smoky and sultry vocal performances that include complicated melodic runs delved out with extreme precision and outward emotion. Drummer Billy Annin, influenced by rhythm sections of bands such as The Tubes, Toto, and Stevie Wonder, has built a reputation of being a skillful and accomplished double-bass pedal player in the music scene. Add bassist Steve Switkin to that equation to bring in the harmonious low-end of the rhythm section and the result is one of absolute completion. Front man Mike Johnson also writes and composes original songs for the band that are sprinkled into their live performances like little strands of pearls. Mike’s original single, “Full Time Habit”, is an alternative country gem, displaying his crafty songwriting capabilities and turning the spotlight on the ensemble’s organic musical intuition and camaraderie.

    Frequently Played Venue(s)

    Tradewinds Lounge