Four members of the North Florida Taildraggers.

North Florida Taildraggers

Five friends and musicians having fun playing bluegrass.

The seeds of the group that became the North Florida Taildraggers were first planted at a conference. The story goes that Trey Brewer and a handful of other Northeast Florida musicians attended a conference held by the International Bluegrass Musicians Association and had a great time. Afterward, they wanted to keep the fun and music going, so they started a regular Monday night jam session.

Bluegrass jam sessions tend to grow into bands, and — since Trey Brewer is a pilot and a jam session or two may have been held in a hangar — this band became the North Florida Taildraggers.

The band members are Justin Lane, a well-known local guitarist; Jan Brewer a biologist by day and upright bassist at night; Don Ben who plays both guitar and dobro; Maggie Widner, an experienced classical and bluegrass violinist; and Trey Brewer, who plays both mandolin and guitar. Simply listing the musicians doesn't do the band justice. Each has played with other groups, participated in folk festivals, and developed a following. Their performances are lifted by excellent bluegrass instrumental solos and outstanding vocal harmonies.

Trey Brewer performs frequently in the area as a solo act and with Northeast Florida music organizations. 

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