Not Quite Dead on the Colonial Oak Stage

Not Quite Dead

Not the Grateful Dead, but they channel the Dead's energy and play their songs.

Instigated and loosely led by guitarist and mandolin player Smokin' Joe Schauer, this Grateful Dead cover band has four other equally talented musicians: Brent Byrd on lead electric guitar and vocals, Josh Salestrom on drums, Jim Stafford on bass, and Alexandra Richman on vocals and keyboard. Together these musicians bring Jerry and the gang's songs to life and fill the dance floors with uninhibited Grateful Dead fans.

Audiences will hear songs from each Grateful Dead album and other songs that are so rare they can only be found on bootlegs.

Smokin' Joe, also known as Joe Schauer, is the mastermind and pivotal pillar behind this genius cover band. Smokin' Joe has been an avid Grateful Dead fan since he was as young as he can remember, connecting most with the band's improvisational characteristics. Joe says, "The Dead never played the same song twice. Every time they did a song, it was in a completely different way. That's what I love about The Grateful Dead." And that's what audiences love about Not Quite Dead, as it's never quite certain which direction a song will go.

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