A powerhouse combination of rock, reggae, ska, punk, and blues, St. Augustine’s Observatory is an all-original ensemble that combines an easy-going energy with the sounds of laid-back rock and roll.

The intrinsic nature of St. Augustine's Observatory is mellow, present, and overall undemanding, much like a day in the summer sun with little responsibility. Listening to Observatory incites a philosophical conversation within oneself, reaching into matters of the heart, core life principles, and the crux of the human condition, while simultaneously stimulating the body to move through the stresses of the physical realm. The band's live performances are highly rehearsed, but also leave members room to breathe and improvise as the moment sees fit. Their ability to stretch their musical knowledge from ska and punk in order to blend their sound with rock, blues, and reggae makes the band versatile and progressive while ensuring a low-pressure and laid-back energy for audiences.

Rhythm guitarist and vocalist T.J. Rosario formed the band in 2014 with drummer Christian Comeau and bass guitarist Erik Callahan. In August of 2016 they released their first single "Takin' my Time" from their debut record Hypnopotamus. Their most recent single release, "Live Your Life," debuted in February 2019 from their self-titled album, Observatory. The song blends electronica rock with new-age reggae, soul, blues, and funk to form a sound that seems undefinable. The song is an anthem for the changing tides in life. Vocalist T.J. writes, "You never know what's coming until it does. So just let it go by." A mirror to the ensemble's overall testament to this seemingly complicated life on earth.