Papercutt is by far St. Augustine’s premier 80s hair metal cover band. Highly elusive, this glam rock cover band pulls out all the stops on stage, from wearing spandex and eyeliner to playing well-known guitar solos note for note.

"Sweet Child O' Mine" Cover
"Cherry Pie" Cover

    Ask anyone in St. Augustine, Florida about Papercutt and they will tell you the same thing – that band is crazy fun and highly entertaining to watch on stage. Not only do they only play top 20 hits from the 1980s, but they dress for the occasion as well. Doting neon-colored spandex of every hue, applying eyeliner and carrying bottles of Malibu rum onto the stage with them, Papercutt plays the 80s rockstar role to the T. In interviews they maintain their Papercutt personas, remaining highly secretive about their personal lives, the band history, and even their real names. Thorny Rose is lead singer Todd Horn, also the front man for the band HORNIT. Slyde-on-in keeps the bass pumping, Tug Boat is on drums, The Shredder is lead guitarist, and Skid Mark rounds out the band’s sound on rhythm guitar.

    Papercutt has earned the reputation of being one of the most highly sought-after cover bands in town, playing large venues and annual festivals regularly. They sell out their ticketed shows faster than any other band in the music scene. The band originally formed in 2003 with founding members Slyde-on-in and The Shredder. The lead singer was different in the band’s first year, but he went on to “pursue a backyard wrestling career in Seattle.” Thorny Rose now holds title of lead singer, adorning himself in all the trappings of 80’s fashion complete with a blonde wig. The bands hobbies include “wrecking motorcycles and wearing lipstick.” 

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