SG Goodman (a white woman with glasses and long tousled hair wearing a jean jacket) stares at the camera from the branches of a flowering tree. It is sunset

S.G. Goodman

A Kentucky-based singer-songwriter whose vocals and lyrics evoke southern angst.

Some folks never leave their hometown. S.G. Goodman, well, she’s not exactly one of those.

Nowadays, she’s more often found on the road, touring and playing festivals across America. In fact, it’s more accurate to say that Goodman’s hometown has never left her — the fertile river basins, vast farmlands, and old time religion of western Kentucky have left an irreversible mark on the musician. And it seems she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Her debut album, Old Time Feeling, was released in July of 2020 — the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Having promoted her music as soon as she was safe to do so, Goodman is very open about its effects on her career (she does not recommend anyone release their debut album in the height of a pandemic). Despite what could be seen as setbacks, though, the artist has remained determined and perceptive in her approach to music. S.G. Goodman knows just how important her work is — especially in this post-COVID world.

Her newest album, Teeth Marks (which debuted in 2022), is harder and faster than one might expect of a breathy singer-songwriter … but that’s not exactly S.G. Goodman, is it? No, she’s committed to change, both as a musician and as an activist.

However, Goodman isn’t prone to rushing things. She takes her sweet time in writing songs, telling The Boot that “a good song will go about its business” during a 2020 interview. Raised by a sharecroppin’ man, Goodman’s music is a culmination of the artist’s experiences, heritage, and beliefs. Listening to her works — both at home and in concert — is an emotional experience. With vocals reminiscent of Roy Orbison or Joan Jett, dynamic instrumentation inspired by Link Wray, and a mission that would compel Bell Hooks, S.G. Goodman is an artist to watch.

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