Shine and the Shakers

Shine and the Shakers rock the music of the great blues, rock and reggae artists.

Shine and the Shakers playing Jimmy Hendrix's "Red House."
Shine and the Shakers performing at "Women Who Rock." Video by Roy Loeffler.

    To simply describe Shema Shine as a rock guitarist doesn't go far enough. This singer and guitarist has said that her favorite musician is Jimmie Hendrix, and Shema shows that every time she plays one of his songs — brilliantly.

    Folks who have followed this versatile and accomplished performer know that they will hear great music when she is on the stage. Since 2016, Shema has joined with three other musicians who share her love of and talent for playing classic rock favorites.

    Shine and the Shakers share deep roots in rock, blues, funk, reggae, and soul — and excel at sharing that love and their talents with every audience of old friends and new fans.

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