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These three musicians play select covers and Ellen's original songs.

Ellen Moseley writes honest songs — sometimes about things that make us smile, sometimes about the harsher side of life. She excels at simple, unexpected, and descriptive lyrics. Christiana Patterson has played her violin with several groups and Northeast Florida musicians, including the Wobbly Toms and Ghost Tropic. Since Ellen and Christiana are both "lefties," they named their duo SouthPaw. 

Bassist, Andy Calvert, joined Ellen and Christina to round out the original duo and add a beat and bottom to their music. Andy is well-known and well-regarded by other area musicians and has also played in the Wobbly Toms and Ghost Tropic.

A self-taught guitarist, Ellen has added ukulele and banjo to the mix, saying she plays all her instruments "upside down." She grew up on a beach near St. Augustine and has played guitar since she was 17. It was the 70s, and probably everyone in St. Augustine back then picked up a guitar for at least a week or two. Years later, Ellen wrote her first song and hasn't stopped since. Like many songwriters, she focuses on pinpointing the right words to convey her thoughts and experiences. Singing and playing her instrument is how she shares those words.

SouthPaw presents Ellen's music in its purest form: honest, heartfelt, real, and accompanied by two stringed instruments at a time. Ellen sings her songs and plays guitar, ukulele, or banjo, while Christiana adds depth, embellishment, and mood with her violin.

SouthPaw is a little bit folk, a little bit country, and all about the lyrics.

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