Spirit and the Cosmic Heart

They have said their music is "dream pop" or "space rock" — it lush and the synth creates the mood.

Spirit and the Cosmic Hearts video for "In a Dream."
The official video of "In Between Dream" by the Spirit and the Cosmic Heart.

    Brothers Jorge and Daniel, from a small town near Lakeland, formed a band with cousins and friends —also from small towns in Polk County — to create the alternative pop group Spirit and the Cosmic Heart.

    The six members of Spirit and the Cosmic Heart are Jorge on vocals and guitar, Daniel on Bass, guitarist Dewey, Dallas on multiple instruments, Matt on drums, and Melody on vocals and guitar. Their 2019 EP was titled "Dreams" and is a "melodious nocturne in four movements." All of their work is melodious, also full, lush, and crafted exquisitely and performed.

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