Syr, a Celtic Rock band from South Carolina, performs original songs that sound both centuries old, and modern.

"Diarmuid" an original song, inspired by the tale "Diarmuid and the Loathly Lady."
Syr and their original instrumental, "Invicta."
"Mo Gradh" (Moi Rah) by Syr.
Promo video for Syr in 2018.

    Syr (pronounced "sire" and meaning "sir") was founded by Kyle MacCallum who wanted to blend the heritage of the Celtic nations with a contemporary musical style.

    The group. from Columbia South Carolina, combines the talents of five professional musicians to create songs that have the power to move audiences with their driving and melodic compositions, and themes of love, victory, loss, and battles.

    The members of Syr compose and perform in their unique Celtic rock style, which is reminiscent of their Celtic heritage, and yet has a broad appeal for today's audiences. Kyle, on vocals and guitar, is joined by his sister Laurel MacCallum on vocals and percussion, Luis Valverde on drums, Ben Campbell on guitar, and Worth Lewallen on violin.

    While Syr started out on small stages in South Carolina, they are now often invited to the larger festivals and their original music is played on Celtic radio all over the U.S. and the world.

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