Uncle Eddie and Robin

Uncle Eddie and Robin are a dynamic musical duet with a sound that combines their taste for the old and the new.

Dance Like No One's Watchin'
Stranger at Home

    Uncle Eddie and Robin are a husband and wife team whose combined life experiences make for a rich and rewarding musical evening. Uncle Eddie is a banjo player with silky vocals and witty songwriting skills that make him a pleasure to listen to. His style incorporates elements of bluegrass and folk, which has shaped into his own sound he likes to call “plunk rock.”

    Uncle Eddie met Robin at an open mic night, and they immediately clicked. Robin had been musically inclined since she was a little girl. She learned how to play the piano when she was 8 years old and picked up her first guitar when she was 14. The duo have released an album titled When We’re Together, which features stunning vocals and instrumental work by Ed and several guest artists. Their musical style is all over the place, but together they are able to craft their shows to the particular taste of their audience.

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