Two members of the band Zalongo playing their bass and guitar onstage at Planet Sarbez.


A local alternative metal band challenging convention and embracing the absurd.

Zalongo is an electrifying alternative rock band carving out a unique niche in the local music scene by shattering the stereotypical seriousness of other metal bands. They defy expectations with a humourous and unpredictable stage presence, blending a paradox of harsh noise and complex compositions.

While listeners may uncover intricate melodies or moments of lyrical contemplation, the band's brand of absurd humor defines them. The band is as likely to incorporate soundbites of chickens into their music (yes, they have) as they are to conclude the show with a procession featuring a taxidermied goose under a sweet and sticky rain of chocolate milk (yes, they have).

In an industry dominated by predictability, Zalongo dares to push boundaries, promising an unforgettable experience for fans who, like the band, don't take life too seriously. 

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