Project SWING Playground

After renovations began in early 2022, Project SWING has been completed and the playground is now open for children to come out and play.

<p>Project SWING park hit the St. Augustine scene in 1997, attracting children from all over as the playground brought happiness to everyone with its designated toddler and kid area where mazes, castles, and places to climb became the go-to "fun zone." Having much more than just swings and slides, this 23,000 square-foot playground offers a unique wooden playspace layout complete with tubes, towers, a fort, a space shuttle, and lighthouse.&nbsp;</p><p>Older kids love the interactive exercise elements, while toddlers are enthusiastic in their own little section with a sandbox, play trolley, and boat. There's also a picnic area and pavilion. The park limits entrance and exit to one location only for security.</p><p>Referred to as "St. Augustine's Wish for Its Next Generation," attracting kids of all ages for numerous years, eventually brought about some wear-and-tear to the playground and in May, 2021 Project SWING Park temporarily closed for renovations.</p><p>On November 11, 2022, <a href="">Project SWING </a>was completed and the new and improved playground reopened.&nbsp;<br>&nbsp;</p>

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