Project SWING is a fully equipped, interactive play area in historic St. AugustineFree Entry

Project SWING Playground

Adjacent to Francis Field
10 W. Castillo Dr., St. Augustine, FL, 32084
  • (904) 471-6616
  • Project SWING is a fully equipped, interactive play area that was designed and built by the St. Augustine community in 1997. 

    Much more than just swings and slides (though it has those, too), this 23,000 square foot playground offers a unique wooden play space complete with tubes, towers, a fort, a space shuttle, and a lighthouse.

    Older kids will love the interactive exercise elements, while toddlers will be happy in their own little playground with sandbox, play trolley and boat. There’s also a picnic area and pavilion. The park limits entrance and exit to one location only for security.

    The name is an acronym for "St. Augustine's Wish for Its Next Generation."

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    This is one my sons (5 years old) favorite parks in the area. He calls it "wooden park" and all the various activities keep him running, jumping and genuinely having a blast until we leave.

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