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St. Augustine Wild Reserve

5190 Farm Creek Road, St. Augustine, FL, 32092
  • (904) 940-0664

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  • The St. Augustine Wild Reserve provides visitors with a rare opportunity to see wild animals up close. This facility houses over 50 large mammals ranging from tigers, lions and ligers to wolves. There are also over 30 smaller mammal species, including exotic squirrels, coati mundis, foxes, white-tailed deer, and various barn animals.

    The founder of the St. Augustine Wild Reserve, Deborah Warrick, welcomes visitors to the reserve by scheduling a tour appointment. Unlike a zoo that is open to the public at all times, the Wild Reserve offers only pre-booked tours of their facility. Tours are offered on Saturdays, Mondays, and Wednesdays at 2 p.m., for a donation of $30 per person. Children 10 and under are admitted for a minimum donation of $20, and kids five and under are free. These are walking tours that take close to two hours to complete and must be reserved in advance.

    The tour of the seven-acre facility is led by an experienced wildlife professional. Visitors can enjoy close-up views of the exotic animals, including a "tiger bubble bath" in one of the tiger habitats, and information about the biology of each species and how each animal came to the sanctuary.

    The mission of this non-profit animal reserve is wildlife education and conservation. The reserve will also transport the exotic animals to schools, churches, and other programs for educational presentations so that people can learn more about wildlife conservation. Call to book a tour and for information about private tours.

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    I LOVED this tour - what a wonderful thing to see these magnificent creatures and learn all about each one - They needed a home and now are cared for lovingly. The staff is terrific! Wonderful tour - very informative. The grounds are tropical, and add to the mysticism of the place. This is a MUST SEE attraction!

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    Very easy to find and the price I think it was fair considering that they are exotic animals, taking care for with donations.It was a wonderful experience for my kids, and also for the adults that visited. the pictures of the CD a complement for the visit.

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    Wild animals that have been saved when zoos closed or people wanted to get rid of wild 'pets' , It is not lavish, but you will be up closer than at any zoo

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