StarBrite Stables

An equestrian foundation working to help improve the lives of children living with social, emotional or physical challenges.

Located Outside of St. Augustine
9155 Barrel Factory Road, Hastings, FL, 32145
  • (904) 631-8816
  • StarBrite Stables Equestrian Foundation works to make a positive difference for children living with social, emotional, or physical challenges including terminal illness. This stable uses the powerful bond that can form between horse and child to help heal the child in crisis. StarBrite believes the relationship a child can cultivate with a horse will provide more self-esteem, sense of empowerment, responsibility, independence and much more. The challenges the children at Starbrite face vary widely, and there are programs tailored to suit any child's needs. They offer an In the Saddle program, with one child, one horse and one mentor, as well as a Team Rehab program where children work in teams doing ranch chores and caring for horses in need of rehabilitation, training or attention. Also they offer a StarBrite Little Tails program where kids will be introduced to miniature horses that are easier to work with for children with restrictive physical capabilities.

    StarBrite organization works with children ranging in age from 6 to 18 years old. This program will help teach them horsemanship skills, leadership skills as well as independence through working with the horses and will gain an understanding of the importance of community contribution.

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    I have had many wonderful days at StarBrite Stables and I can not think of a better place for young or old to learn and enjoy horsemanship and volunteering!!! They are so knowledgeable about horses and peoples interaction with them, it's awe inspiring! With the focus for people special needs children and adults that drives StarBrite to be SO compassionate and heartfelt that we kept going back. We were included and felt like family. Cynthia and Mike are a Blessing to many and they share there joy with the community. Thank You!!!

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    Took my girl scout troop to the StarBrite Stables to earn their horse badge. It was rainy and over casted. The weather didn't stop us. They completed their badge work and even got to ride the horses. The girls had a great time around the horses. They can't wait to come back. They also have camping there. We will be looking into camping next. They have camping available on site. Looks like we will be back.

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