At their St. Augustine studio space, the seven members of the Florida band Bedrock pose in a line. B / W photo


Dedicated Florida cover band specializing in 80's and 90's rock classics.

Originally founded in New York, BedRock describes themselves as “the ultimate 80’s and 90’s hair band experience” and now plays shows all over the sunshine state. Each song played by BedRock is hand-picked to transport their audience “to a great time when music was just about having fun.” Their venues range from the neighborhood’s favorite dive bar to center stage at festivals and sporting events. Regardless of where you catch one of Bedrock’s gigs, though, you’re sure to be dancing through the set list.

BedRock was founded by Peter John Rivera (‘Pete" for short) in 2013. His gnarly bass skills and vocals characterized the band for nearly a decade. Pete put his heart into BedRock, and his dedication to the music scene made him quite well known. Decked in his rings and regalia and rocking that long 80’s hair, you simply could not miss him. Though he passed in 2021, Pete’s energy and soul will always be imbued into BedRock’s live shows and overall mission.

Based in Jacksonville, BedRock is composed of seven professional Florida musicians — most of whom have extensive stage and touring experience under their belts. Currently, their longest running member is Gary Cellucci, who plays lead and rhythm guitar. Also on guitar are Cliff Ross and Tyler Garrison (occasionally). The rhythm section is manned by Judith Keller on electric bass and drummer Levon Buchakjian. Finally, BedRock’s rockin’ lead vocals are provided by Madison Riccio Kennedy and Angela Marie. Also pictured (third from the left) is the band's manager, Chrissy Rivera, who contributes backing vocals.

Though they do not change their set list for events such as weddings, corporate gatherings, and birthday parties, BedRock is happy to play private events. Fill out the ‘Have a Question?’ form on the right side / bottom of this page to email their booking agency, Twisted Entertainment. They can also be found at

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