Best of Synthia

An unmistakably studious quartet, St. Augustine’s The Best of Synthia is a progressive indie rock band that uses experimental processes and musical intellect to build their original one-of-a-kind sound. 

I'm So Old
Socio & Size Doesn't Matter

    A combination of progressive rock, indie rock, alternative folk, sprinkled with a dash of electronic vibe, St. Augustine, Florida’s Best of Synthia is hard to define in terms of genre. They are all over the map. Imagine if The Fleet Foxes and Sufjan Stevens created a record with Alt J and Explosions in the sky. The Best of Synthia uses intentionally written four-part vocal harmonies, an array of sounds from the electronic to the distinctly natural, and a lyrical intellect that is unmatched both in caliber and execution. A symphony of experimentation, emotion, and the underlying truth in humanity, The Best of Synthia has a knack for creating songs that keep coming back to the forefront of the mind, enticing listeners to search inward, outward, and everywhere in between.
    This intensely progressive quartet is led by front man, lead singer, and guitarist Tim Matthews, an already well-established solo artist in the St. Augustine music scene. He is backed John Ryan on bass, Jason Blankenship on drums, and Andrew Bolby on electric guitar, keyboard, synthesizer, and drum machines. Bolby takes on a lot of the experimental aspects of the ensemble and will improvise on and off stage in various capacities to find the right fit for each song. Occasionally the band will bring in guest violinist Jade O’Neil for select songs, and she is featured on their latest self-titled album, The Best of Synthia (2017). The band thus far has released three self-produced albums total, including Big Deal Demo (2013) and You Hate Music (2010). Their latest release is six years in the making and has been well worth the wait, offering audiences a glimpse into the band’s modern musical perspective and overall fascination with sound.

    Frequently Played Venue(s)

    Sarbez! Nobby's