Ellen Moseley

A southern lady with a knack for playing instruments upside-down and writing “homegrown, home-recorded, no artificially colored or flavored” music.

Dark Shadow
The Devil's Orchard

    Ellen Moseley is a southern lady who grew up on a small beach town in North Florida during the 70s. She decided to learn how to play guitar one day by picking one up and opening a songbook to learn some songs. She picked up the guitar that was most comfortable to her, and because she is left-handed she started playing it backwards and still does to this day. In the same fashion, Ellen Moseley learned how to play the banjo and the ukulele upside-down.

    Ellen wrote her first song when she was 45 years old and now she has a whole bunch of recorded songs you can listen to. Everything you hear in her songs is Ellen Moseley herself, the instruments, vocals, lyrics, and sound engineering. She’s a fun, upbeat performer with a talent for playing instruments backwards.