Ema Chiswell

Transcendent and ethereal, St. Augustine’s Ema Chiswell is the type of musical artist that will take audiences on a journey to their unknown. Ema describes her sound as “electronic voodoo lounge folk rock.”

"In My Life" Cover with Alexis Peramas

    It’s easy to see why audiences are fascinated with St. Augustine’s Ema Chiswell. A crystal-clear bottom-line artist, Ema shows her truest self in her original sound; soul and all. An ethereal blend of electronic, pop, rock, folk, alternative, and experimental genres, Ema pulls from influences of all kinds, but holds musical idols St. Vincent and Madeline Adams in the highest regard for their musical stylings as well as their lyrical bodies of work. For Ema, there is a certain mix of soul bearing, humility, and genuine emotion in her live performances. On stage she is reserved, but it’s easy to tell she is constantly moving into different rooms of her inner thoughts. She lives inside of her songs.
    Ema rocks an electric guitar with Daniel Hughes backing her on both piano and drums, sometimes simultaneously. Daniel Hughes is drummer for local band The Young Step, and is also the front man of his own brainchild and live band, Constant Swimmer. Together, these two maintain a killer dynamic, focusing on each other’s intensity during the songs and playing off one another sublimely. Ema’s voice is like the cut of a diamond, a perfect edge glimmering beneath the light. Audiences can attest that Ema’s electric-driven sound and laid bare soul will widen the eyes as well as the mind.

    Frequently Played Venue(s)

    Nobby's Sarbez! Odd Birds