Pianist Jeremy Weinglass seated in front of the piano.

Jeremy Weinglass

Pianist Jeremy Weinglass brings the sounds of Classical music to life through this breathtaking form of artistic expression.

Soothing to the soul, pianist Jeremy Weinglass plays a blend of modern Classical with New Age sounds that bring a tranquil aura to the background noise of life. With each keystroke comes a delicate touch that floats from one chord to the next and captures the essence of beauty from the inside out.

Weinglass began his musical career at the age of 6-years-old in the Bay area where he received a Yehudi Menuhin music scholarship, enabling him to attend The Nueva School. From there, he joined the San Francisco Bay Area's Boys' Chorus followed by playing the piano in junior and highschool with musical theater productions under his belt. Skilled in both Classical and Jazz, his lifelong journey that never came to a halt lends to the success that accompanies him today.

Working in both Jacksonville and Los Angeles, Weinglass has been featured in television as well as dance and theatrical productions throughout L.A. Playing both original and cover pieces, his stream of notes gently travel around a room and tap into the heart of it.

"I try not to take even those small things for granted because I know I am blessed to have a profession that impacts people in a personal way and in essence gives them permission to feel." – Jeremy Weinglass. 

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