Jim Johnston

im Johnston is a master of both music and lyrics alike, and an influential St. Augustine guitar player: bluegrass to jazz, folk to rock and roll.

Jim Johnston, dubbed as "Dr. Metric" by his fellow colleagues and local musicians here in St. Augustine, Florida, carries with him an on-stage presence consisting of many lifetimes of musicality as well as performance experience. Jim is a Florida native who grew up learning music theory and guitar throughout his middle school and high school years. He holds a vast knowledge of the inner workings of the world of music and not only brings a light-hearted persona to his audiences, but also a deep variety of both cleverly engaging and highly emotional original songwriting. 

Heavily influenced by Buddy Guy, The Beatles, and Tom Petty, and covering a vast plethora of genres and artists makes Jim's style somewhat undefinable. One can hear everyone from Tom Waits to Stevie Ray Vaughn in Jim's vivacious performances. An accomplished finger-style guitarist, a bluegrass master, a rock and roll god, and an award-winning songwriter, Jim has been overheard saying, "You have to learn the rules of music first, in order to break them."

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