Ken Jensen Blues Ensemble

This local blues band is led by a potter who makes musical instruments.

The Ken Jensen Blues Ensemble has a fluid membership, with excellent local musicians rotating as their projects allow them to join the Blues Ensemble. Most often, Ken Jensen is joined by Donny Haney on bass, Kevin Mileski or Chris Hadjoupolis on drums, and Larry Mowbray on guitar and vocals.
While Ken is an accomplished musician, he is first a potter. After earning a BFA, Ken worked as an apprentice potter and then set up his own studio, Jensen Pottery, in the 1980s. He moved to the St. Augustine area in 1993, and continued his career in pottery, focusing on functional stoneware for nearly 40 years.  Now, Ken makes stoneware horns and four-string guitars, as well as cigar-box guitars.
Ken normally plays a traditional electric guitar and harmonica in the Blues Ensemble, but he will often pick up one of his stoneware or cigar-box guitar creations for a set. His cigar-box guitar can be seen in the cover photo of the band, and heard on the videos for "Summertime" and "Can't be Satisfied."
The Ken Jensen Blues Ensemble has played at St. Augustine's Sing Out Loud Festival, at the Saint Benedict the Moor's Church Blues Festival, and on the Front Porch at the Amphitheatre.

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